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Networking is more about 'farming' than 'hunting'. It's about cultivating relationships." - Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI

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“BNI has helped my business by training me to be intentional about my conversations, and focusing on building personal relationships. Not only just relationships in the chapter, (which have been great) but with all of the customers and potential clients that cross my path. The group has been very proactive about letting everyone know about upcoming events, and there are several members in the group that are helping me take my business to the next level. I'm looking forward to many more Tuesdays! ”

Will Storbeck

BNI Business Professionals, Corpus Christi Keller Williams Corpus Christi

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“I started attending BNI in the summer of 2020. With just the 2 years I have been a member, I have grown so much personally and with my business. Within my first month as a member, I received a referral that more than paid for the membership investment I paid to join the chapter. The referrals have continued to come in since. What I like that separates BNI from other networking organizations is that BNI emphasizes relationship building, giver's gain, and many other important values. I now encourage my team to find their own BNI chapter to join as it has tremendously impacted my business. Along with my own growth, BNI allows me to give back and help my other members (I now consider friends) grow their business. It truly is a win-win!”

Katie Dake

BNI Business Professionals, Corpus Christi U.S. Health Advisors

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“I am currently celebrating my one year anniversary! This year I have gained so many new contacts and feel so privileged to be a member of our Palo Duro Chapter! I am also excited to share that over 4000 Hope Totes of food were provided to our children in need due to referrals received from our BNI chapter this past year!”

Cindy Sheets

BNI Palo Duro, Canyon Canyon Hope Ministries

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“Great group of People, striving to help businesses grow. Givers gain.”

Shannon DiSandro

BNI Success Partners, Lubbock Hidden Treasures Estate Sales

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“Such a great group of people to do work life with. They genuinely CARE about your business, and are an extension of your sales force!”

Lisa Stiles Held

BNI Success Partners, Lubbock Vision Employment Group

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“Some of my favorite people who support me personally and professionally!”

Kim Davis

BNI Success Partners, Lubbock - Director Consultant Texas Boys Ranch Foundation

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“Great way to get connected to the community!”

Cathy Potter

BNI Success Partners, Lubbock Lubbock Chamber of Commerce

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“Fun and fantastic way to network and meet new business owners and professionals. Has great structure and even better people.”

Jordan Oglesby

BNI Success Partners, Lubbock CT Roofing & Construction

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“BNI is a great organization, and I recommend anyone in business to visit a chapter. The support and the ideas that are shared between members is very valuable.”

Andy Holt

BNI Palo Duro, Canyon Navigation Financial

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“In our chapter, we have passed thousands of dollars in business, even while in quarantine! BNI has provided me in over 1/3 of all my new business thru referrals!”

Tom Keaty

BNI Success Partners, Lubbock Electronic Payment Advisory Group

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