Our Core Values are Who We Are

BNI's Core Values


"A great strategy keeps people in the game, but a great culture helps an organization win."

Dr. Ivan Misner


01 Givers Gain®

The principle core value of BNI is the philosophy of givers gain. It is the idea that if I am here to help you, you will help me. We will all do better as a result. It is something that you have to apply to yourself in the way you deal with other people.


02 Building Relationships 

The second core value is building meaningful relationships. BNI and networking is all about relationships so as you do whatever you do, ask yourself "Is this helping to build a healthy relationship?" What I am about to do, what I am about to say.



03 Lifelong Learning 

Education and training is critical and if you are immersed and engaged in a culture of learning, you are going to be really, really successful as a business person. We believe that continuing education is critical to our members, our businesses, and our culture.



04 Traditions + Innovation 

This value may at first seem counterintuitive but as the Apple example proves, it is the secret to success for contemporary businesses. Our traditions lay the foundation to who we are by showing where we came from. However, we must always be leading with innovation to stay current.



05 Positive Attitude 

Nothing brings down the excitement, or atmosphere quicker than people who have a bad attitude. So if you want to create a great culture, keep people’s attitudes in check. A positive and supportive attitude helps foster stronger relationships and a strong culture.



06 Accountability 

BNI without rules would be a coffee club. You have to have rules. Accountability is critical to the success of the members in BNI. Knowing that your fellow members will be there to help you grow your business as you are for them.



07 Recognition 

Recognition is something that we really believe in at BNI. We want to recognise people who’ve done a good job and celebrate their achievements. If you see something that deserves recognition, let others know so that they can help spread the word.



Do our Core Values appeal to you?

Every member of BNI West Texas acts as a part of the marketing team for the other members of their chapter, with the aim of securing qualified business referrals for each other.

Our Core Values are what we live by.


How can I find out more about applying to be a member in BNI?

The best way to find out about applying to a BNI Chapter is to visit a chapter and you can find a list of our BNI Chapters here. When you visit a local chapter you will be able to experience the culture and structure of a BNI meeting and get to meet the business people involved in the chapter. If the group would be a good fit for your business and your profession is not already represented in the chapter, you may apply for the position at the end of the meeting.

If you have any more questions, just click on the button below.






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