BNI Gold Club Wall of Fame

Visitors are the lifeblood of BNI at every level.

Visitors are more than just potential members. They bring a whole new sphere of contacts, introductions and of course, referrals. Visitors ensure the dynamics of your chapter meetings are constantly changing, so no two meetings are ever the same.

Members who consistently bring quality visitors to your chapter are extremely valuable members and we want to recognise them, which is why we set up the BNI Gold Club.

We currently have three levels of Gold Club:

  • G- Members that have sponsored between 6 and 11 new members
  • G2 - Members that have sponsored between 12 and 17 new members
  • G3 - Members that have sponsored 18+ new members

Their efforts are acknowledged at the chapter and regional level and rewarded with a BNI Gold Club Certificate and Gold Club indicators on their name badge. They also receive additional listing and exposure on the BNI Regional Webite (see below).

BNI G3 Gold Club Members


Neal Alexander

Neal Alexander is the owner of Glass Doctor of Lubbock, member of BNI Connect 4 Success.

Neal has sponsored 22 new members.

Brian Moore

Brian Moore is with Brian Moore State Farm and member of BNI Top of Texas and Area Director for BNI West Texas.

Brian has sponsored 19 new members.


BNI G2 Gold Club Members


Kevin Ansley

Kevin Ansley is with Pathwayz Communication, member of BNI Top of Texas and Director Consultant in BNI West Texas.

Kevin has sponsored 12 new members.




Glena Tharp

Glena Tharp is with Hobbies Unique and member of BNI Basin Business Builders.

Glena has sponsored 14 new members.




BNI G1 Gold Club Members


Bill Jenkins

Bill Jenkins is with Jenkins Wealth Management, LLC and member of BNI Top of Texas.

Bill has sponsored 10 new members.



Norlene McBride

Norlene McBride is with Ervin Plumbing & Supply, Inc and member of BNI Basin Business Builders.

Norlene has sponsored 8 new members.


Kevin Dyer

Kevin Dyer is with New York Life and member of BNI Connect 4 Success.

Kevin has sponsored 8 new members.


Cody Long

Cody Long is with the Cody Long Agency and member of BNI Panhandle Alliance.

Cody has sponsored 7 new members.


Caline Martinez

Michael Hutton is with Century 21 and member of BNI Success Partners.

Michael has sponsored 6 new members.


Not Alan Cox

Alan Cox is with IDEACOM and member of BNI Top of Texas (love the picture Alan).

Alan has sponsored 8 new members.



Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy Meeks is with Capital One and a Director Consultant in BNI West Texas.

Jeremy has sponsored 8 new members.


Winona Colson

Winona Colson is with Fathom Realty and member of BNI Circle of Success.

Winona has sponsored 7 new members.



Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson is with Aaron Johnson Insurance and member of BNI Business Builders of Amarillo.

Aaron has sponsored 6 new members.





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